Assessment and Evaluation

This assignment consisted of completing an observational exercise. The purpose of this assignment was to understand how to take ethnographic field notes and draw conclusions through the utilization of jottings, full observational notes, coding, and analysis. This assignment provided a real experience prior to our own research endeavor.

This assignment consisted of creating a qualitative research project. The purpose of this assignment is to learn and understand how to write a qualitative research project. Including a timeline for completion of research helped me become more cognizant of what will be expected of me in the remainder of this program and as I begin the dissertation process.

This assignment consisted of creating a proposal for a field research study. The purpose of this assignment is to learn the ins and outs of creating a field research study. This assignment helped me to focus on what methodology and tools I will be considering for my dissertation. 

This project consisted of creating a pilot field study complete with IRB application. This assignment was extremely important in understanding the IRB process. This assessment allowed me to develop a sequential explanatory mixed method study complete with IRB which is essentially becoming the building blocks of my dissertation proposal.